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At Owners First, we do more than simply handle the day-to-day legislative aspects of Owners Corporation Management. We do it better and smarter for our owners.

Our innovative procedures and practices provide you with a higher level of service. Through better consultation and communication, you’ll enjoy greater awareness of the running of your property, and benefit from a higher level of involvement and transparency.

Maintenance man


We understand arranging maintenance is more than just sending a work order.  Understanding what your property requires is utmost in our minds.  This is the reason our managers all visit your properties, so when maintenance is required, they know exactly what and who to send.

We can then arrange repairs and maintenance from arranging quotes where required, issuance of work order, coordination of contractors, and ensuring works are completing in a timely manner, and a high and expected standard.

All of our contractors are checked and monitored for appropriate licenses and insurances, so when they enter your property, you can be fully assured they are professional and highly skilled.

Manager Involvment and Communication

Manager Involvment and Communication

At Owners First we don’t just manage your owners corporation, we get involved in your property.  Our Service Charter highlights our promise that your manager will visit your property quarterly at an absolute minimum, and in most cases more often.

We do not believe in managing from behind a desk.  The more we know about your property, the better prepared we are to maintain and discuss the property with you.

That is why we’re busy changing perceptions of the body corporate industry by making people our priority, through better service, greater accessibility, and a forward-thinking approach.



The Owners First team will handle all of your Owners Corporation insurance needs, from obtaining insurance valuations for the property, quoting the insurance through to handling the claims process where required.

All Owners First staff are accredited with, and proudly use the services of Whitbread Insurance Brokers who is one of Australia’s largest privately owned insurance brokers.

We arrange quotes every year for your Owners Corporation, ensuring your property always retains the best possible insurance at the best possible cost.

Meetings and Documentation

Meetings and Documentation

At Owners First, meeting with the owners is what we are about.  Apart from the standard Annual General Meetings, which we will hold in your area, in a location selected by the owners, we will also be available to meet with committee and owners in-between the ‘standard’ and required meetings.

As for the documentation side of the Owners Corporations, although this may not be the most exciting aspect, Owners First definitely see this as a most important aspect for you the owner.

Owners can be assured all legislative requirements are met and adhered to, but also, that this information is available to owners.  Not only available, but easy to access.

Manager Property Visits

Manager Property Visits

As part of our promise to owners in Owners First Service Charter, all our managers visit your property four times a year at an absolute minimum.

There is absolutely no charge for these visits, this is a service to you that we believe is essential for our managers to be able to manage your property effectively.

Our site visits will be with owners or committees were possible, however, all owners can be notified of our visits through our various social media and communication practices.

Property development

Property development

Owners First has developed a distinctive and constructive developer program, which offers developers a full range of Owners Corporation consultancy with unique and long term benefits for developers.

A designated team dedicated to developer engagement has been set up, not only to meet developer’s needs, but so as not to affect our (and your) owner’s services standards.

Enquire now and obtain an obligation free coffee on us, to discuss your needs.

Everything you need to get the most out of your property

  • Carry out any functions and duties under the Owners Corporations Act 2006, the Owners Corporations Regulations 2007, the Owners Corporation Rules and any other law or regulation
  • Ensure compliance with Owners Corporations Act 2006, the Owners Corporations Regulations 2007 and Owners Corporation Rules
  • Prepare financial statements and keep financial records
  • All accounting matters relating to the Owners Corporation.
  • Maintaining all records and correspondence on behalf of the Owners Corporation.
  • All documentation and organisation of Owners Corporation meetings.
  • Arrangement of insurance and processing of claims and property valuations.
  • Maintenance and repairs as instructed by the Owners Corporation as well as a 24 hour emergency service.
  • Keeping up to date with relevant legislation and regulations.
  • Effective, consistent and constant communication.
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Above and beyond to ensure the needs of owners were met...

Having owned my property for over 6 years, I have over this time had to deal with a number Body Corporate Managers and Owners First, by far, has been the easiest to work with in my role as Secretary of an Owners Corporation.

Owners First went above and beyond to ensure the needs of owners were met, the building was kept in good condition and work was completed to a high standard. I never felt the need to have to follow up matters, or query things, such is the competency of Owners First.

OC Committee Secretary - Amber Roberts

Always one step ahead...

We find Owners First to be an organised, co-operative and efficient operator. It is always a pleasure to deal with the Company under all circumstances. The team possess excellent communication skills and have a rapport with all staff at Rosehill Plumbing. Owners First is always one step ahead and proactive in every task they undertake.

Director Rosehill Plumbing - Mark Wright

Completely turned around a bad situation...

During Owners First’s time at the Pentridge estate, the Committee started to see some real progress and improvement with a number of issues including billing and ongoing costs. Owners First completely turned around a bad situation and poor experience into a positive and collaborative one. Owners First worked closely with the Committee and provided guidance and a service level expected.

Chair person for OC committee – Joe Finocchiaro

The ability to maintain effective, harmonious communication...

I deal with Owners Corporations on a daily basis. I know Owners First to be professional, with the team having the ability to maintain effective, harmonious communication between all parties. Owners First is a proactive OC Manager with a vast understanding of all aspects of Owner Corporations.

Property, Facility & Landlord Manager - Michelle Hayes

No issue was too daunting

…Owners First took over management of the complex and we noticed a significant improvement in communication, knowledge and action.

Better communication enabled us to make decisions based on sound practical knowledge. But what was most impressive was Owners First’s willingness to listen to our suggestions and to source out alternative solutions. It seemed that no issue was too daunting, with Owners First rectifying many ongoing issues – some small e.g. hand rails, bike racks, and some large such as extensive water damage and external rendering of a major section of the complex.

Owners First’s knowledge, work ethic and excellent communication skills are all valuable assets when selecting a Body Corporate to manage any complex. I have no hesitation in recommending the Company.

Asset Manager, Biggin & Scott Yarraville - Lauren Carland-Tomasino